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Special Features

The Providence College of Engineering is a project of the MGM Charitable Educational Welfare Society – an educational, charitable and social welfare organisation set up to establish world class institutions that contribute to the welfare of the community and nation.

Providence College of Engineering aims to distinguish itself by the use of processes and facilities and inculcation of values that will turn students into professionals for the betterment of self and society.

Learning Process

Students at Providence College of Engineering will realise that they are studying a profession that is going to enable them to earn a livelihood that will contribute to their personal growth while creating opportunities to create and impact on society.

Providence College of Engineering will strictly adhere to the use of English as the language of instruction and communication. Foundation courses will be available to students who wish to improve their proficiency in English.

Teaching Process

The faculty will plan, develop and implement course materials ensuring that students can maximise the time available to them as well as optimise the learning process through the use of teaching aids and performance reviews and evaluations.

Courses will be implemented through the optimal mixture of theory and practical lessons that combine lectures, laboratory work and projects that will give students the opportunity to listen, read, query and experiment with their subjects.

Industrial Design and Development Centre

A state-of-the-art facility that will comprise of

  • Central Design Centre
  • Departmental Development Centre
  • Industrial Product Development Centre
  • Product Manufacturing Centre
  • Product Marketing Centre


Providence College of Engineering will have strict policies on student discipline and will cover the areas of attendance, punctuality, dress code and use of equipment on campus. Policies will be developed, reviewed and implemented on a regular basis to ensure that students experience a safe and conducive environment.

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