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In association with the IEEE and CAS, Providence College of Engineering is proud to host a 2-day workshop on Flipped Learning in Classrooms and Non-Linear Circuits.

The workshop on Flipped Learning will be held on 27th June 2016 at the college campus and guest speakers include Dr Alex Pappachen James (Nazarbayev University), Dhanya Alex (University of Liverpool), Dr Joseph Menicucci (Manhattan College) and Dr Akshay Kumar Maan (Griffith University). This workshop aims to reflect critically on faculty experience as a learner and a teacher practitioner; explore how current theory of pedagogic practice in higher education can inform and enhance their practice; evaluate the impact of adopting innovative approaches to practice on the student learning experience; engage in individual and collaborative evaluation, reflection and sharing of scholarship activity. The workshop will provide participants with introduction to UK HEA and other internationally matured teaching enhancement and qua I ity frameworks. 

# of Seats for 27th June: 40

Registration Fee: INR 500 per person per workshop

On 28th June, Dr James and Dr Maan will deliver a workshop on Non-Linear Circuits with an aim to provide foundations to engage in the new age development of devices and circuits, that would have a major implication in developing future technologies such as neural system, artificial brain architectures and massive internet computing.

# of Seats for 28th June: 100

Registration Fee: INR 500 per person per workshop

Interested participants are requested to carry a laptop with them for each workshop as they will contain interactive sessions.

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